Snap Screen™ Quick Start Guide

Snap Screen™ - More efficiently supervise device usage

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Provide a safer environment for using electronic devices
Provide a safer environment for using electronic devices. Snap Screen™ takes pictures of what is on the device screen at somewhat random times and sends them to a supervisor that has already been setup. This lets device users know that what they are doing could be observed at almost any time, without the supervisor needing to be there and spend a long time watching over their shoulder that whole time. This would be helpful, for example, for parents to supervise their children and for managers to supervise remote employees.
  1. To start being supervised:
    • Download App for Device to Supervise
    • Already supports supervising computers (Windows, Mac, Linux, and more)*
    • We also plan to add support for supervising mobile devices in the future
  2. To start supervising: Connect to Start Supervising Now
    • The Supervisor Dashboard supports supervising from any web enabled device including a computer or mobile device
    • Snap Screen™ does not limit the number of devices each supervisor can supervise

*Compatibility Notes: Snap Screen™ requires the supervisor to create a "Supervisor ID" by connecting to a cloud storage account (compatible with Dropbox) where the screenshots will be sent. The device user should retrieve the Supervisor ID from the supervisor and enter it into the app to connect the device. Mac will require approving through an Unidentified Developer warning. Linux testing was on Linux Mint.

A note about privacy: Snap Screen™ provides a visible indicator on the device to make the person who is being monitored aware, and requires them to enter the Supervisor ID to ensure their consent. Also, they can exit the app at any time and monitoring will stop (though the supervisor will be able to tell).

Snap Screen™ is only a tool to help people who want to be helped. It does not provide monitoring for people who are unaware or do not agree!

As a matter of fact, we doubt any app can be enough to flawlessly cause people to truly resolve deeper problems. For thorough and lasting help breaking bad habits and morally improving behavior, we recommend a life changing relationship with God through Christ.

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