Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Snap Screen Story

1. The Story

I knew somebody who had a problem. When he used the computer, he often wasted time doing stuff he really shouldn't. He probably wouldn't do that if somebody he knew was always looking over his shoulder; but nobody wanted to stand and watch him use the computer all the time.

2. The Opportunity

This problem is an opportunity to provide a new tool where there is currently no complete solution. There is other software that records everything that happens on a screen, and software to share those recordings with other people. But that might be complicated to setup, and it would still need somebody to sit there and watch it in real time.

3. The Solution

Snap Screen App™ would be simple to download and install on a computer. It could be setup with a specific "accountability partner," to whom it would send screenshots. It would randomize the periods of time at which it would take screenshots, within a reasonable range, so that the person using the computer wouldn't be exactly sure when the screenshot would be captured. This could help him not do bad stuff, because he would know it were always possible the accountability partner could see what he had been doing.